International Earth Day

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Prabal Pramanik’s Academy of Arts celebrated "EARTH DAY" on 22nd April 2011 by planting a fruit tree. A lichi sapling was planted at the cultural complex of Prabal Pramanik’s Academy of Arts in Bhamlada village by Arup Chandra the director of the Academy.
Planting of the fruit tree will not only make the earth greener and help to combat pollution, but also provide healthy and tasty pesticide free fruits in the future.
Every tree is a possibility for a healthier planet, a possibility for a better future. Let us work together to save our planet earth.


Life-style at the cost of poisoning the planet earth.
Who will survive then?
By Prabal Pramanik

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When we take any major decision, we must think of the consequences. Taking a major decision without thinking of probable outcomes, even in long term way is foolish and dangerous.
This vital wisdom is to be taken into account when thinking of the source and use of energy in life of the individual, and also as a society.
Man, has used energy even before he evolved to the present state anthropologically, as the use of fire was the first step to utilize energy from nature.
Heat and light both come from fire. From early times, vegetable oils and animal fat as well as bee wax have been used to light up homes, places of worships, workshops, fortresses and even ships and vehicles on the move.
From the time of industrial revolution, different sources of energy for heat and lighting began to be used.
Fossil fuel which had been used only for heating began to be used for the purpose of driving motors or engines.
World began to change ecologically, for two centuries or more, atmosphere was systematically polluted, the planet was getting choked up for the last two centuries but no one bothered.
Not only the danger of carbon particles threatened the planet, but the poisons released by industrial process toxified the atmosphere and is still doing so. With the availability of electricity for domestic, industrial and other uses, the need for extra energy grew rapidly, though this did not necessarily mean a better or healthier world.
The balance of work and the work force that had remained quite stable for centuries broke down due to automation and regional economies become totally dependent on other areas for the supply of the basic need of energy.
This issue for the last century has become so vital that it dominates not only economical but also political scenario of the entire world.
For millenniums people all over the world have provided their fuel and lighting needs in a much more simpler way,- by burning fire wood and lighting up oil lamps and wax or tallow candles.
Life-style of most people was slower and people had more time in general for themselves and for their families.
Visual and performing arts, literature, development of different schools of philosophy and indigenous medical research and treatment systems flourished without the dependence of electrical power or gasoline.
Fast life does not make people happy or help to create better human relations. To fulfil the need for more resources to cater the unending and huge requirements of the so-called modern society, foolish and short sighted human beings have started to exploit unscrupulously natural resources from eco-fragile areas without any thought for future disasters or negative reactions on nature or life.
Icy areas of arctic, rain forests in the Amazon area, the Himalayan mountain areas and the flat lands are all suffering seriously due to human short sight.
Toxic chemicals sprayed on the agricultural fields systematically poison the soil, air and water. The basic elements of nature are being poisoned daily in the name of development and progress.
Then came atomic power bringing the threats of uranium contamination and radiation dangers. This danger spreads out from war fields to "cheap" energy producing nuclear reactors.
The "cheap" energy produced by nuclear reactors come with a huge price tag,- the price of the life circle of the entire planet.
Spent fuel from nuclear reactors is a permanent danger and remain dangerous emitting harmful radiation for thousands of years or even millions of years.
Do people know whether the human race will survive for thousands of years in future? When the situation is so serious that survival for another century is a big question mark, a millennium planning to dispose of intensely poisonous waste material is a big idiotic venture.
Human beings even now do not know the extent of long term damage caused by radioactive particles. Even most developed countries like Japan find it impossible to cope with all the problems of nuclear catastrophe and there is no certainty that such disasters will not happen again.
The oceans that cover three fourth of the planet have become so much contaminated with chemical waste, crude oil and radioactive particles that the marine life is threatened with extinction.
Human beings are dumping the earth with millions of tons of non-biodegradable waste that is the outcome of modern life-style.
Plastic and other non biodegradable are polluting not only the land but also the rivers, lakes and the sea. Harmful particles and radioactive substance spread with the wind and the rain, and travel under ground with ground water.
In war, each bullet or shell when exploded, charges the air with infinite number of harmful compounds. From factories, minute particles of waste by-products such as synthetic material to asbestos particles escape in to the air in immense quantities all over the world.
Diseases caused by pollution did not affect the mankind in the olden times, as the world did not suffer from pollution, but now pollution in many forms, and ways, from non biodegradable micro-particles to high radioactivity is causing. Immense and serious negative impact on the health of humans and other species on this planet.
Unfortunately, still many politicians, so-called scientists and unscrupulous businessmen are trying to ignore the risks of poisoning the atmosphere.
If the water becomes poisoned, the air unfit to breathe in and the planet earth faces ecological catastrophe, of what use are the so called development projects?
When the very existence of the life sustaining power of the planet earth is threatened, the so called and much hyped development projects will fail to ensure a better world.
People will have to learn to redefine development if the planet earth is to survive. The changes in life styles that damage the planet earth should be adopted without delay.
The scientists and businessmen with vested interests constantly try to down play the risks. They know about the risks but they want to go on getting money no matter what the risks may be for the entire planet.
Clandestine money making deals are made by several evil politicians and businessmen.
Simply speaking our planet with all the beauties and wonders of life in it is being destroyed in a regular and systematic manner by this nexus of greedy megalomaniacs and big money corporate managers.
They know the damage they are causing to the entire world, so, they try to cover-up their evil deeds by showing philanthropic faces.
They control the world of scientific research mostly as the scientists need money and have to have jobs to live.
Proper findings on devastating effect of industrial chemicals on nature, genetic modification, radiation risks and non-biodegradable industrial waste is seldom published properly as publication of truth about such matters may adversely affect the profit margin of the big corporates.
Often harmful chemicals are used in food processing and for food colours, and this is a systematic form of poisoning too but who cares for it in spite of the fact that millions of people are consuming such contaminated food daily and suffering.
More and more people are falling victims of difficult and fatal diseases. General health of the world is being adversely affected at an increasing rate yet the poisoning process goes on world wide.
The atomic reactor accidents in Ukrain, Russia and Japan give ample proofs of radiation dangers, that persists even for centuries or millenniums. No atomic reactor is safe. No safety method is foolproof.
The politicians and the so called scientists who profess that nuclear reactors are safe spread misinformation only to mislead people. Accidents, whether caused by man or nature have happened before and the mathematics of chance and probability claims that accidents will happen in future too.
Area by area the entire world will become a radioactive waste land if this policy of nuclear "energy generation" continues. Many of the rivers and lakes have become poisoned, affecting adversely not only the species living in those rivers and lakes but also human beings who live nearby.
The profit oriented mentality of the corporates and the megalomaniac politicians all follow a policy that has no place for any real sympathy or sensitive thinking for life and nature.
No amount of money can rebuild the balance of nature. No one can detoxify the planet just with money.
Man is a part of nature and has survived by being a part of it. If man goes against nature, man will destroy itself, and this is the law of nature, supreme and absolute. If human beings think too much of themselves and try to project themselves as masters of nature, they will be crushed and eliminated from this planet.
Poisoning the atmosphere and the basic elements, polluting the planet in such a way that life cannot survive, is going against nature. No one can win by going against nature.
To survive people have to learn to love and respect nature sincerely with a positive attitude. Production of energy has to be eco-friendly, and there is no other alternative to this basic fact. Only eco-friendly energy source that does not poison the planet is safe, all other sources are dangerous in the long run.
Energy sources such as wind, air, water currents and natural gas are the safe sources of energy. Decentralize energy production so that if the central unit is damaged all the connected units are not affected.
Solar panels can be installed on the private houses and institutions to provide electricity. Use solar cookers and solar heaters. When and where possible, use wind generated energy. Hydroelectric power plants can provide a huge amount of energy.
Even solar lanterns in rural areas help to provide pollution free cheap lighting solutions. Learn to use less electricity by cutting down on unnecessary illuminations. Conserve electricity, conserve fuel through the use of cycles and by walking more.
Life need not be so fast. If you slowdown, you can achieve much more by developing your mental and spiritual faculties as you will have more time. Don’t use chemical cosmetics. Use true herbal ones.
Minimize the use of synthetic stuff. Minimize the use of plastic bags. Broaden the spectrum of your thought and learn to think with more responsibility towards nature.
Take sometime to think deeply, and take the healthy and positive step towards a better future, and make a firm decision to do your bit, even if it means getting used to a new life-style.
Prabal Pramanik


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