Prabal Pramanik’s Academy of Arts takes a major step in promoting cultural development on a global scale.

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On 4th July 2014 a group of French artists and art lovers came to Prabal Pramanik’s Academy of Arts and stayed at some guest houses in Bhamlada to attend an exhibition of art and to take part in two day seminar that is likely to have far reaching impact in the cultural world, not only in the regional aspect but also on the global scale.
The seminar with definite progressive motive was arranged after the Academy was informed by e-mail by the group of French people that they are planning to visit Prabal Pramanik’s Academy of Arts.
The group leader Youri Bellanger is an old friend of Prabal Pramanik and had visited the Academy several times before, but this visit was different indeed as this visit was not of just casual tourists who come to see the gallery.
Recently Prabal Pramanik’s Academy of Arts has taken up comprehensive project for development through cultural activities and the seminars were planned to spread out the project by incorporating like minded people on a global scale.
The agenda for the seminar included aspects for future cooperation in cultural events and cultural tourism. Special importance was given for the development of regional handicrafts to create better work opportunities for the local people who are connected with the Academy.
Organizing workshops on art on international scale was also decided upon and further cultural exchange programes have been planned in near future.
The group of people from France included artist, ceramic expert and film maker who has been making documentary films in different countries.
Youri Bellager was the leader of the French delegates and was accompanied by Karine Lane, Sylie Bellanger, Pierre Bellanger, Micheline Gosse, Eliote Lane, Jean Luc Blandin and Herve Schmoor.
The French delegates greatly appreciated the artworks of Prabal Pramanik and the live demonstration of paper cutting art by Ustad Kalakar Prabal Pramanik too. They also enjoyed the French translation of Prabal Pramanik’s book on Paris. They also made an indepth documentary on Prabal Pramanik.



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