Second "Poets’ meet" at Kalyani Hall
of Prabal Pramanik’s Academy of Arts, Bhamlada.

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Cultural co-ordination comes only with the exchange of ideas and the creation of a literary and artistic ambiance. Interactive poets’ meet is an important way to aclive this goal.
Poets’ meet in a remote rural area is rare indeed as most poets from "outside" may be reluctent to believe that proper facilities and audience will be availabe in a village far from metropolitan region.
Yet, this is an important fact as development in the cultural field is necessary in rural area too. Neglect of sophisticated cultural facilities in rural area is a cause of cultural blockage in northern india.
There are poets in the villages too and these poets write in folk styles.
As there is no proper platform for these rural poets, they hardly ever get a chance to express themselvs to any real audience in Northern India.
"Poets’ meet" that co-ordinates rustic and urban poets on the same platform provides a unique oppertunity for poetic interaction in different styles and value systems.
Possibilities were opened when poets from rural and urban areas presented their poems at the second poets’ meet at Kalyani gallery of Prabal Pramaniks Academy of Arts, in Bhamlada. The ambience of the show suited not only the local poets, but also the renowned poets from Pathankot.

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Rajinder Prasad Rehhbar, Rakesh Nudrat, Puran Ehsan, Sunil Aftab, from Pathankot, Suresh Pathania, Narsinghlal Agnihotri, Devraj Salotranath from Dhar block, Neha Bhandral from Dharamsala, Sarvjit Kaur and Parmjit Kaur from Batala presented their poems at this programme. The show was an interesting harmoney of different styles and forms of poetic presentations.
The show was attended not only by many local people but also by students and staff from Batala Nursing College.


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