Winter Cultural Festival Organized by Prabal Pramanik’s Academy of Arts













Winter Cultural Festival Organized
by Prabal Pramanik’s Academy of Arts

Prabal Pramanik

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Prabal Pramanik’s Academy of Arts has taken a major step in its coordinated project of creating a cultural movement with a far reaching impact in the area bordering Punjab and Himachal Pradesh in India.
A comprehensive cultural festival was organized by the Academy from 25th of December 2014 to 28th of December 2014.
The festival combined visual and performing arts in a unique way featuring exhibition of artworks and musical performances of high quality.
The aim of this festival was to consolidate the multidimensional activities involving visual and performing arts to create cultural awareness on a wide scale and to start musical activities involving musicians from different schools of music ranging from folk to classic.
Sm. Jhumur Chattopadhyay and Shri. Rajat Chattopadhyay, eminent musicians from West Bengal participated in this musical festival and added a new dimension to the programme.
Sm. Jhumur Chattopadhyay, in her melodious voice presented "Bhajans", "Gazals" and even Punjabi music charming the audience.
Shri Tejinder Sharma presented "Bhajans" that created an atmosphere of musical mood.
Shri Abhay Sharma and Anshuman Sharma in a lilting manner presented Punjabi songs with guitar accompaniment by Shri Atul.
Devraj Baba played the flute in a soulful manner. Desa Pathankotia in his strong bold voice presented songs in Pahari style.
The audience included local people as well as from Jammu, Pathankot and Jassur.
A seminar on different forms of music and on the propagation of music in this area was held on 27th December. Plans have been taken for future musical activities and also for organizing workshops to teach music in this area.
The portfolio on Ragamala from Devasthanakal artworks by Ustad Kalakar Prabal Pramanik that was released by Sm. Jhumur Chattopadhyay and Shri Rajat Chattopadhyay was especially suited for this occasion of musical mood.
The portfolio has five art plates depicting musical modes of Bhairon, Deepaka, Gujri Todi, Basant and Megha.
There is an extensive article on the relationship of Ragas and Raginis with the "astral world" in this portfolio.
This musical programme started the comprehensive project on music and we hope to continue musical programmes on a regular basis.
Kalyani art gallery where the music festival was held was the venue for the exhibition of artworks by Prabal Pramanik and computer graphics by Arup Chandra.
The exhibition included artworks of various disciplines. Devasthanakala paper cutting art pieces, drawings, mixed media artworks and acrylic artwork was displayed in the hall.
The computer graphics by Arup Chandra incorporating art and technology were an extra attraction in this exposition.

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Tejinder Sharma singing and
Rajat Chattopadhyay on the tablas


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Desa Pathankotia being presented with the certificate of merit from
Prabal Pramanik’s Academy of Arts by the President of the Academy


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Abhay Sharma singing and playing on the guitar


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Tejinder Sharma being presented with the certificate of merit from
Prabal Pramanik’s Academy of Arts by the President of the Academy


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Pathankot village relishes Bengali couple’s music
Singer-Musician Duo kept the audience spellbound at
Winter Carnival at Paper Artist’s Academy

Pathankot : The Bhamlada village on the Punjab-Himachal Pradesh border came alive with the performances of Bengali artistes during the recent winter carnival at the Prabal Pramanik’s Academy of Arts.
Famous Bengali singer Jhumur Chatterjee and her husband Rajat Chatterjee, a renowned music director, kept the audience spell-bound with their songs and music during the four-day carnival which concluded on Tuesday night.
Internationally-renowned paper cutting artist Prabal Pramanik had invited these artists to perform to his academy situated at the Pathankot-Dalhousie road.
Jhumur Chatterjee and Rajat Chatterjee, who have won many awards for their performances, claimed that their experience with Pramanik was memorable. The local people and artistes from Chamba and Dalhousie who attended the carnival appreciated the singing skills of Jhumur Chatterjee and the music arranged by her husband Rajat.
Meanwhile, he has created a paper art work, which he chooses to describe as ‘raga mala’ depicting all ragas, including Raga Basant, Raga Deepak, Raga Megh Malhar and Raga Todi.
Regarding his future activities, the artist said he will organise a film festival on January 20, where in films from different states will be screened at Bhamlada village.

Vinay Dhingra
Hindustan Times, 2nd January 2015


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Prabal Pramanik's Academy of Arts does not accept any grant or financial donation. It maintains itself through the sale of its publications and printed materials. Orient book company co-ordinates the publications work.

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Musical Mode “Deepaka”


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Musical Mode "Bhairon"


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Musical Mode "Gujri Todi"


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Musical Mode "Basant"


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Musical Mode "Megha"


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Jhumur Chattopadhyay (Chatterjee) and
Rajat Chattopadhyay (Chatterjee) and
Prabal Pramanik at the portfolio release


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Jhumur Chattopadhyay and Rajat Chattopadhyay (Chatterjee) on the stage in Kalyani Art Gallery


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Devraj Baba performing on the flute
and Rajat Chattopadhyay on the tablas.


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Jhumur Chattopadhyay being presented with the certificate of merit from Prabal Pramanik’s Academy of Arts by the President of the Academy


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Rajat Chattopadhyay being presented with the certificate of merit from Prabal Pramanik’s Academy of Arts by the President of the Academy




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