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An Artist’s view of Dharamsala and beyond

by Prabal Pramanik
Easy to read social anthropology
(ISBN No. 81-89801-81-2)
Price : Rs. 120.00

Remembering the lost paradise!
"With his pictorial documentation, Pramanik also shows the ills of the so-called tourism industry, which is largely responsible for destroying the ecology of the hills. His pictures take into account McLeodgunj before the earthquake of 1905, the beauty of Kangra valley prior to 1947. The indiscriminate hotel boom, shifting of Tibet government in exile and many other documented for the benefit of the younger generation."
-The Times of India

“The book is a mini encyclopedia on Dharamsala and McLeodganj and features some rare black and white pictures of the area when snow used to cover every inch of the hill station in the early 90s. The artist has also traced the history of Dharamsala and highlighted the sudden commercialization in the area.” -The Tribune


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