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Death of the Sky and Other Poems
by Prabal Pramanik
ISBN No. : 978-81-89801-99-1
Price : Rs. 50/-


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A few words before-
This book deliberates certain aspects of life in the city of Calcutta.
I was born in Calcutta and spent many years there, witnessing many phases and changes in that city.
The city had played remarkable role in the history of modern India and went through times of peace and turmoil.
Shifting values make it often difficult to salvage the old Calcutta of my childhood in the places and faces there now.
It is not a question of better or worse, for such judgement is extremely personal but what I honestly think as truth is portrayed in these observations.
As I do not intend to flatter any one or myself,
as a matter of fact, I do not care for anyone’s displeasure.


The Rickshaw-puller
by Prabal Pramanik

The Rickshaw-puller pulls on.
His thickset bell clicking and
his hands clutching the poles.
He pulls on, bare feet, in sun and rain,
through flooded streets,
through bylanes and traffic.
He has not heard of "City of Joy",
by writers from overseas.
Nor does he care for such thoughts.
He has to pull on, and bargain with
his customers and pull on again.
He knows the city as his field for work.
His works to survive,
in this hard world of false promises,
and to survive he pulls on.


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