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The Changing World, Analytical Views in Context of Social Values
by Prabal Pramanik
ISBN No. : 978-93-81200-04-9
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The story of mankind is a saga of change. Life-styles and values have changed throughout the ages in every society except in certain primitive ones.
The change has been a continuous process and this process has been direct or indirect.
Whether the changes have come through social upheavals, revolutions or through the rebirth of a society, the changes have been brought about by the spread of new ideas. These new ideas have challenged many of the old ideas and concepts, and in many instances have established new social orders.
As time went on, new thoughts and ideas came confronting the established orders again and different chapters in the annals of humankind opened creating new ages.
Always new ideas brought about the changes. Ideas that challenged the old order, ideas that have the strength to create new rationale and new cultural eras are vital in human history.
The base of all the changes is the human factor, and the dimension of the change depended on the spread of the new ideas amongst the people.
With the spread of education and emancipative movements the changes become more rapid.
Globalization brought about by information technology and media explosion made the changes much more rapid and widened the base of the movements immensely.
People pressurized by dictatorships and single party rule, have started demanding freedom of speech and political freedom.
People oppressed by corrupt systems have started to demand accountability from those in power.
The spread of social consciousness amongst the common people have created a unique factor in socio-political arena.
The common people are emerging as a key factor that is pushing back powerful dictators and corrupt politicians.
The spread of consciousness is helping to fight pollution and global warming.
The spread of consciousness is becoming the most potent weapon against the evil elements in powerful positions.
The old economic order is failing, and the future will see the growth of a new and better economic order. We are at a crucial juncture of time.
This is a global phenomenon and not just a localized one.
A definite change in the value system is a must if the humankind is to survive.
Consumerism created and propagated by big business organizations is connected to negative political systems that form harmful nexus with the big money businessmen in an unscrupulous way.
Inconsiderate life styles of illusionary and undue desires fuelled by greed lead to economic disbalance and dishonesty. So, a change in the values and life styles is necessary.
Somehow or other, one negative issue leads to other negative situations that endanger social, economical and environmental balance in a serious manner.
These problems have been discussed in the illuminating articles of this book and I tried to convey my message in a clear manner.
Those who dare to dream of a better world are facing challenges and taking risks, and more people are joining the movements inspite of the harsh pressures created by the negative force.
The propaganda of lies and hypocrisies created by the evil elements is being challenged by the people who have started to demand accountability from those in powerful positions.
The spread of the positive consciousness for greater sensitivity is the most important factor at this point of time.
Internet is aiding this work on a world wide scale. The development of technology has brought media into common person’s reach.
The undercurrents in societies all over the world have already started important changes in the value system.
My essays are about these vital issues. As I live in India many problems I have written about are in India but affect other places of the world too.
I believe, that when the credibility of the politicians has eroded away in the eyes of the people in general, and the common man cannot expect many of the politicians and a large percentage of government officials to be really honest and accountable with due transparency, the only way for better and tolerable living conditions for the common people who want to live in an honest corruption free society, is through the spread of the positive message that would help to counter corruption and help to create values for proper consideration for the mankind and the planet.
Socio-political problems are inter-linked, and such problems affect the economic and environmental situations too.
I have tried to analyze the problems in holistic manner. Finally as human beings are of different mental setups, my essays are likely to have different impacts on different people, yet the spread of general consciousness is necessary.
With that aim in mind I am writing and publishing the essays.
Prabal Pramanik

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