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Shadows of Clouds on the Hills
by Prabal Pramanik
ISBN No. : 978-81-89801-91-5
Price - Rs. 60.00

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Dainik Jagaran (27th March2011)


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Samprotik Somoy,
Kolkata (April 2011)


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Madhyam, Kolkata (1st April, 2011)

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Shadows of Clouds on the Hills by Prabal Pramanik

An introduction to Poems of Bhamlada

It is night time and there had just been a brisk shower outside. I hear the sound of dripping water and the rhythmic yet loud metallic percussion of different insects at their nocturnal vigil with an occasional shaking of a loose window pane.
Bhamlada has like any other place, its own atmosphere. This atmosphere retains its character through changes in season and weather.
I have tried to recreate the atmosphere of this place of overflowing scenic beauty of many moods through my lines. Like on-the-spot paintings, these lines were directly inspired by the atmosphere of the moment, and are poetic presentations of the ambience of certain moments at Bhamlada, the little village in the foot hills of Western Himalayas in the border of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab in India.
This small book is illustrated lavishly with colourful photographs of Bhamlada by Shri Arup Chandra.
The pen and ink drawings were made at Bhamlada by myself.

Prabal Pramanik
November, 2010


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Some press coverages

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Prabhat Khabar (27th March, 2011) Kolkata


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Sangbad Paribartan, Kolkata (12th April 2011)


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Jansatta (27th March, 2011)

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