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An old picture of Dunera showing British camps at Dunera.


Dunera was an important transit point from the colonial days of British Raj.
People travelling to Dalhousie would stop here on their way. Post office was established at Dunera when postal system was established.
This area has grown very fast in recent years. Tourists to Dalhousie and Chamba often stop here to refresh themselvs at the tea stalls and dhabas (local restaurents) here.
Dunera has a police station, primary and high schools, Govt. medical center, Govt. veternary center and petrol pump too.
Dunera has shops catering to not only locals but also to the passing tourists. There is a college of technical education nearly too.
Dunera comes from the word "do nehera" meaning the area between two rivers.
Dunera is situated between the rivers chakki and Ravi. In the past days when roads were narrower, Dunera used to be the crossing point for busses.


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Views of the bazar at Dunera


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Mr. Sivnandan runs a tobacco cum choclate shop
while continuing his astrology business


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Views of the bazar at Dunera


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Aditaya and his friend at his shop


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Vijay Thakur at his shop in Dunera


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Narasimhalal Agnihotri at his shop in Dunera


Dunera News

On 6th September 2015 a social and cultural programme was held at Radha Krishna Temple Dunera. Prabal Pramanik’s Academy of Arts organized an exhibition of Devsthanakala paper cutting art on the subject of Radha Krishna at Radha Krishna Temple.
A jagg or ceremonial feast was also arranged at the temple by the local people of Dunera. Ustad Kalakar Prabal Pramanik gave live demonstrations of his paper cutting art to the visitors.
In the evening a shadow puppet show was presented by Prabal Pramanik. The show started with the dance of Ganesha and presented Radha Krishna Leela.
Prabal Pramanik gave talk on the history of shadow puppetry in India. Devraj Baba the famous flute player presented flute accompaniment with the show. Justice Amarnath Barowalia was the convenor of the programme.

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The road to Dalhousie at Dunera is intersected by a road that
leads to Nurpur in Himachal Pradesh on one side and to
Ravi river at phongota on the other side.


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Views of the bazar at Dunera


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Views of the bazar at Dunera


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Ramsawrup Soodan at his sweet shop


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Views of the bazar at Dunera



The population of Dunera is increasing. The non biodegradable waste is also increasing with the influx of consumer goods at this trading center that caters to many nearby villages.

Since there is no proper and efficient garbage disposal system in Dunera, as proven by the filthy garbage dumps at many open places here, the waste material piles up by the road side, cloggsup the drains at many places and creates serious environmental problem.
This situation is going on for a long time. The people in-charge of the self governing bodies called Panchayets, obviously never care to keep Dunera clean and healthy.
The basic idea of civic services is absent here and the local people are not conscious enough to protest against the lack of proper garbage disposal system.
Dunera is a small town or a large village where people in general have little or no idea about the need of a clean and pollution free environment.
Lack of proper civic education is absolutely evident from the multiple open garbage dumps that create unsightly and unhealthy areas at prominent places in Dunera.
These photographs of cattle feeding at the garbage dumps were taken on twentieth of March 2015. This garbage dump is near the entrance to Dunera, beside the police chowki.
Clogged up drains and piling up dirt is found at many places in Dunera villages, but people here seen to be quite used to such unhealthy and ugly sights.
Obviously people in general don’t really care to demand proper and timely disposal of garbage. To keep a place clean and healthy, a consolidated effort has to be made, and to make any consolidated effort, people in general have to rise above narrow village politics.
Until people of Dunera understand the need of a clean place and develop the necessary amount of civic sense concerning garbage disposal, Dunera will remain in this position.
With the growth of population the situation is sure to become worse day by day, but who cares?

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