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bhamlada-colour8.jpg (50347 bytes)
A pastel work by Prabal Pramanik



bhamlada-colour2.jpg (39750 bytes)
A pastel work by Prabal Pramanik



bhamlada-colour6.jpg (25428 bytes)
A pastel work by Prabal Pramanik


An introduction to "Bhamlada" through pastel works
made on the spot

by artist Prabal Pramanik

My first introduction to "Bhamlada" was in 1982, when I came here to look for a plot of land for building my studio.
I was impressed by the panoramic scenic beauty viewed from this place. This is a place I found, that allowed the sensitive viewer to enjoy the spread of two important mountain ranges adorning the northern and eastern horizons in a majestic manner while the hills and the valley below are covered by flora of different shades.
Appreciating the natural beauty of a place and staying there for life are two entirely different aspects, especially when the place lacked may basic amenities.
For more then ten years electricity and running water at home was an elusive hope and my mother and I faced various difficulties of hard life in this rural region in the hills so far away from our native place.
Perhaps I forfeited a lot of my personal joys that I would have enjoyed as a part of a highly developed cultural world in Calcutta. Perhaps life would have been much more easier for mother and myself if I chose to live in a metropolis or migrated abroad when I had several chances to do so, yet, I can say that "Bhamlada" gave me a lot in life, and it would be proper to acknowledge the rare joys that nature allows an artist in such a place only.
This portfolio is my tribute to Bhamlada, the little village in north-western Punjab, in India, which I also call my home.

bhamlada-colour4.jpg (25694 bytes)
A pastel work by Prabal Pramanik


bhamlada-colour5.jpg (32097 bytes)
A pastel work by Prabal Pramanik



bhamlada-colour3.jpg (37545 bytes)
A pastel work by Prabal Pramanik



bhamlada-colour7.jpg (25019 bytes)
A pastel work by Prabal Pramanik



bhamlada-colour1.jpg (37008 bytes)
A pastel work by Prabal Pramanik



bhamlada-portfolio1.jpg (26371 bytes)
Drawing by Prabal Pramanik


bhamlada-portfolio6.jpg (31604 bytes)
Drawing by Prabal Pramanik


bhamlada-portfolio2.jpg (33215 bytes)
Drawing by Prabal Pramanik



My first introduction to Bhamlada was about twenty three years ago, when I walked down from Dunera with a sketch book in hand. It is a village little known in those days, on the half way from Pathankot to Dalhousie. Over looking the Ravi valley, the rough hill side with vegetation that inter mingled diverse range of flora, as the climate supports warm weather plants like date palms to cold weather plants like cheer pines, Bhamlada is an ideal place for an artist and nature lover.
Lofty mountain ranges border the horizons of this area in lays that change their colours as the day advances.
The sky above the hills here is an intriguing palette in divine hands and nights come with an intensity that can be experienced at the Himalayan foot hills.
I made Bhamlada my home and though I had no electricity or running water for more than ten years, and lacked many of the basic comforts of city life, I somehow hung on to my dream of building a cultural center here.
Dreams are substantial only when they materialize in reality.
Divine grace ordained that this dream would materialize and in seemingly impossible situations a cultural center developed.
This portfolio is my way of saying thanks to the mountains, the hill people and the magnificent expanse, the sky at Bhamlada for helping me to expand the self, encompassing eternity by being at one with nature.
It is a feeling that can hardly be expressed in words. - Prabal Pramanik

These reproductions are original serigraphs printed on textured handmade paper.



bhamlada-portfolio3.jpg (31543 bytes)
Drawing by Prabal Pramanik


bhamlada-portfolio4.jpg (28032 bytes)
Drawing by Prabal Pramanik


bhamlada-portfolio5.jpg (55370 bytes)
Pictures and text copyright reserved
by Prabal Pramanik



Book2.jpg (11374 bytes)
Shadows of Clouds on the Hills
by Prabal Pramanik


Book1.jpg (9892 bytes)

by Prabal Pramanik

Book3.jpg (19726 bytes)
"Reflective Poetry- The Distant Call
and Dreams and Illusions"
by Prabal Pramanik



Bhamlada-cover1.jpg (17723 bytes)              Bhamlada-cover2.jpg (30956 bytes)

“Bhamlada” is a multilingual printed magazine published by Prabal Pramanik’s Academy of Arts. It has matter in English, Hindi, Bengali and Punjabi. This magazine is illustrated, informative and attractive. It is development oriented and links village Bhamlada with the intellectual world.
This magazine has articles, poems and photographs complied at Bhamlada, the village in Himalayan foothills and published from our publication wing in Kolkata.
This magazine connects the people at grassroots level with the intellectual world and helps in the mission of building a better world with healthy culture. “Bhamlada” is a significant step towards positive progress.
Each magazine Indian Rupees Twenty only (20/-) + postal charges
Annual subscription Indian Rupees Two hundred Forty only (40/-) + postal charges



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