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Views of the man made lake from Dhar

When I came here nearly thirty years ago, I was attracted by the sylvan beauty of the place.
At that time, Dhar block was very different indeed and this area lacked many basic amenities. I had no electricity or running water in the first decade of my stay here and without cooking gas or telephone services life was not easy for my mother and myself.
Even at that time I understood that the sub-mountainous area of Dhar block had great potential to become a tourist spot.
Yet it lacked the basic facilities necessary for tourism in a serious manner. The nearest hotel was at least thirty kms. away and guest rooms with proper toilets were not available.
I stayed at first in a temple cowshed, then in my tent that I ptched on my land.
What are the basic requirements of tourism?

(1) A beautiful place

(2) A safe place

(3) A place where properly priced and comfortable rooms are available for stay.

(4) An interesting place, a place where there are special features that interest people.

(1) Natural beauty makes a place beautiful, but natural beauty has to he maintained with care. It requires some amount of eco-consciousness in local population to ensure that the natural beauty of the area is not destroyed.
Indiscriminate felling of trees and intentional forest burning has to be stopped totally. Poaching should be stopped and the forest area should be checked regularly by forest department officials. Unless the forest department officials are honest and sincere about their duty, indiscriminate tree felling and poaching will continue.
Local people have to be aware about the need to preserve regional flora and fauna in a proper manner.
Villagers who live in Dhar block should take better measures to dispose of their garbage and should not dump the garbage by the side of the main road.
Garbage vats should be built and the accumulated garbage should be burnt off periodically.
Only a clean area can be a real tourist attraction. Garbage dumps disfigure the roadside at many places on the way to Dalhousie.

(2) Dhar block is more or less a safe place but the tourists should exercise the necessary caution about their baggage and other personal belongings as in any other place.

(3) As I have stated, there were no proper accommodations at this place for renting when I came here.
Without a proper place that is clean, safe and has toilet facilities no tourist can spend a night at any place.
Now a days a few hotels are operating in Dhar block and I think more will be built in future. This fact promises better tourism for this place in future.
There are quite a few dhabas on the road to Dalhousie. Dunera, a halting place for the buses on the way to Chamba and Dalhousie has many eateries serving local fast food and Punjabi meals.
The problem is that only a few of these dhabas are really clean. There are some restaurants at Bungal and Bhadani area that are catering to the affluent people while the dhabas cater to every section of the society.
At the time when "Manimahesh Yatra" goes on and pilgrims and tourists pass through this area to visit Manimahesh mountain at Bharmour in Chamba district in Himachal Pradesh, langars or centers serving free food for pilgrims and tourists, are organized at certain places on the road that leads to Dalhousie and Chamba.

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Views of the man made lake from Dhar


(4) A place, to have an attraction for refined people should have something more than hotels and restaurants. That place should have definite points of interest.
The lake, or the water reservoir for Ranjit Sagar Dam is really beautiful and it is a truly refreshing spot to visit in Dhar block.
There are some archeological remains in Dhar block but these places are poorly maintained and there has been no proper research and preservation programme about these places.
Prabal Pramanik’s Academy of Arts holds periodical shows of art and holds art workshops too.
This is an attraction for art lovers who are invited to the art gallery. This art gallery is open only to invited guests who have to make an appointment beforehand to visit the gallery.
Tourism has its positive and negative aspects both and we must be aware of this fact.
Tourism can boost income for the locals and create a market for local handicrafts and food.
Tourism also make people look at their own area from different viewpoint and inspire them to take better care of their area.
Hotel industry gets a boost when tourism develops. There are some serious adverse reactions of tourism "Industry" too.
Tourists should not throw about plastic bags and bottles that make the area dirty. Moreover such waste is often non-biodegradable and causes long term problems.
Tourists should never throw lighted cigarette buts in the woodlands as these careless actions may cause forest fires.
If tourism flourishes here in Dhar block in proper way the tourists as well as the locals will benefit from it.

by Prabal Pramanik

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Chakki river



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Views of the man made lake from Palangi


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Lunsu at Dunera


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A road side resturant at Bhamlada.
Nindu’s Dhaba this resturant is famous for
its oven baked stuffed and layered flat
breads and spicy yogurt curry.

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