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Some interesting points of social Anthropology and our work

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The hills from Bhamlada


Situations change with time and new values replace the old ones. This sub-mountainous area is going through a rapid change in socio-economic sphere.
Exposure to the world of consumerist outlook through television programmes and commercial advertisements have made people hanker for more material facilities. The new generation is going through a period of rapid social change that is influencing the way of life in the basic manner.
Political scenario, even in this area that was considered "remote" previously, has become much more complex and different types of criminal activities with political backing have started here.
The increase of criminal activities with political protection has damaged the general moral structure of the society here, causing serious problems that are likely to have long term adverse effect.
Teaching people values of honesty and integrity in such a situation is an extremely daunting task.
Even so, I have taken up this challenge and will continue my crusade against unscrupulous and dishonest practices. I have noted that my art workshops and exhibitions that are held here in this area do have a beneficial influence on the villagers.
This encourages me to hold further programmes here. Ofcourse I have to face many difficulties but I will not give up and will hold further cultural shows to help the locals develop some amount of healthy cultural interest.
Exposure to cultural expression in a firsthand manner create a positive outlook of life and expand the dimensions of thought for most people.
When people of this rural area take part in the cultural workshops, organized by Prabal Pramanik’s Academy of Arts, they experience a new sort of joy that they never experienced before.
Group creativity helps to propagate better values and aesthetic sense. Promoting creative and positive activities in rural area at the grass-roots level is an effective way to develop better social psyche.
The future of this rural area nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, will definitely be positively influenced by our cultural activities.
To ensure a better tomorrow regular cultural activities are needed at present.
We regularly update our internet sites about the latest development concerning our cultural programmes. In this age of expanding internet consciousness, the pictorial reports of our activities reach out to different places of the world, connecting this rural area to the wide world beyond.
This helps to expand the horizon of the village people too as internet is becoming familiar to many of the rural people.
The socio-economic changes will come more rapidly in future and this is a crucial time to expand the internet media.
Our positive and healthy cultural projects are effective in a vital manner. In spite of all the obstacles and difficulties. It is most important for us to carry on the cultural programmes to develop social consciousness in a holistic and positive way.

by Prabal Pramanik

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Views of the man made lake from Palangi



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Pashmina weaving at Phongota



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