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First of all I take this opportunity to felicitate Mr. Prabal Pramanik and Mr. Arup Chandra without whose selfless and relentless efforts this would not have been possible. I wish them good health, crystal clear vision and lots of wisdom because they don’t believe in "luck". They are "Karamyogis" who believe in "Karma" only but they too need sound mental as well as physical health to achieve the seemingly impossible tasks.
Volumes can be written about their herculean achievements but they would’t allow me to do so, so I will try to describe my feelings in as few words as possible.
Seminars on promoting art and culture, environment, pollution, global warming, deforestation, wild life, on-line education, regular exhibitions of art works of the highest class, musical concerts, poet-meets, art competitions, on the spot painting camps and workshops where artists from all over the world take part, first rate photography and one of the best art galleries of North India which boasts of having thousands of rare artworks and a very good library with a collection of several thousand rare books and photographs in the museum section. The academy has a "Jeev raksha kendra" also where fourteen dogs are being taken care of at the moment.
You must be wondering that I may be talking of something out of this world. But I must tell you my dear Sir, that all this is in Punjab of all places and at "Bhamlada" (Dhar Kalan) a small village situated at Pathankot - Dalhousie Highway, Hitherto a small languishing sleepy village became the hub of all this activities and recently shotup into prominence and got its rightful place on the world map of Art and Culture but this was achieved only through the selfless and tireless efforts of more than two decades of the Prabal Pramanik’s Academy of Arts and that too against all odds. The academy got its wings when Mr. Arup Chandra came on the scene and the academy started progressing in leaps and bounds. This two men army is bent upon and is capable of achieving everything for the promotion of Art and Culture in this region.
To achieve so much the work place had to be suitable too. That was taken care of by Prabal Da himself when he first landed here in 1983 at that time no one could ever have dreamt that he will not only bring this place on the world map but also make it one of the most developed areas as well as an art and cultural centre of northern India one day.
He chose Bhamlada of all places and we now know why. It affords heavenly and panoramic views all arounds. Vast expanse of flower and fauna in the valley, one can watch snow clad peaks of Pir Panjal, Dalhousie and the mighty Dhauladhars from the roof of the academy, one has only to move his head from left to right. One is awestruck by the heavenly scenic beauty of this place. The atmosphere is simply mesmerizing.
To call Dhar Block a backward region now looks to be the brain child of a few unscrupulous elements of the region who want it to remain that way only to fulfill their vested interests. But how long they will succeed in their dubious designs only time will tell.
It is a matter of great pleasure and pride to be associated with such a prestigious institution.

by Ashok Bakshi


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