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I am from Kolkata, or Calcutta. I landed up in this unlikely place in the foothills bordering Himachal, Punjab and J & K by an unexplained and enigmatic riddle of fate.
This rural area so alien to my native city kolkata, has been an area where I have been working intensely though I have had many set backs in the course of my work.
If any one asks me why I focus on this area, I would answer that, simply, the reason for focusing on this area is that I have my home here for nearly thirty years.
Life was not at all easy for me here and I often repented of the decision to settle here. Yet, somehow or other it was not possible for me to return to West Bengal and I stayed on.
Staying in a small village in the hills, away from the multidimensional cultural world of Kolkata, was not easy for me in many aspects. Yet, I understand that my adopted area is an interesting subject for research and study. My mother Dr. Kalyani Pramanik greatly helped me in my stay here when we had no electricity, running water, telephone or gas supply.
So I experienced different and diverse "phases" of life here and have become used to the wide open spaces of the hills and dales around my home.
I had been keeping anthropological and ecological records of this area in different aspects since I came here. These records are valuable as no one else has kept such records.
The research academy that I founded has been organizing important events here for the cultural and social development of this area.
I accept life from a different angle and have my personal notion of success.
So my work that is a life long experiment in cultural development that stretches from rural level to international level will definitely make a difference in the history of mankind. So we add these pages to our web site.

by Prabal Pramanik 

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Fields at Bhamlada


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A old style house


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Carpet weaving at Bhamlada area


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Fields at Bhamlada



Like every other place, this hilly area bordering three states, Punjab, Himachal and J & K has good and bad points.
It is a quiet place but that does not mean that this area is free from social evils. Especially in the recent years, the moral structure of local population has been adversely affected by unscrupulous greed in many ways.
Degradation of ethical standard is quite clear and the oldfashioned values based on trust is gone here.
Politicization of the society is another factor that is causing problem too. Lot of land is being bought up by land brokers in Dhar block. Old life-style is changing fast and the socioeconomic structure is going through a change.
These web pages are records of this area from the view point of social anthropology and are presented in an artistic manner with on the spot sketches and informative photographs.



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